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Former Trustee

General Carl E. Mundy, Jr. USMC (Ret)
Carl E. Mundy, Jr.
USMC (Ret)

Chairman Emeritus *

General Carl Mundy was born in Atlanta, Georgia, but grew up in western North Carolina before moving to Alabama, where he graduated from high school in Montgomery. He enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve at age eighteen and attained the rank of Sergeant. Four years later, in June 1957, he graduated from the Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Auburn and was commissioned a Second Lieutenant. He served on active duty for the succeeding thirty-eight years, retiring in 1995 from the post of Commandant of the Marine Corps and member of the United States Joint Chiefs of Staff.

During his early career, General Mundy held a variety of staff positions and commanded at virtually all levels. He served in combat with a Marine infantry battalion in Vietnam. In thirteen years as a General Officer, he directed recruiting for the Marine Corps, served as its Deputy Chief of Staff for Plans, Policies and Operations, as Operations Deputy to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and commanded major operating forces numbering over 50,000 personnel. As Commandant, the Corps’ highest ranking officer, he was responsible to the President and the Secretary of Defense for military advice on national security matters, to the Secretary of the Navy for command and management of the Marine Corps and to the Congress for the well-being and preservation of the Corps. The latter responsibilities included recruiting, training, organizing, equipping, managing and leading a total active and reserve force of 240,000 uniformed and civilian men and women located at fifteen major bases worldwide. He was responsible for the preparation and execution of an annual budget of $13 billion.

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General Mundy’s principal assignments involved over nine years in U.S. and Allied national security policy matters, combined with thirteen years command, management and leadership at senior executive levels. For his service, he held seventeen U.S. and foreign personal decorations and ten unit and general service awards.

Following retirement from the Marine Corps, from 1996 to 2000, he held the position of President and Chief Executive Officer of worldwide operations of the United Service Organizations (USO), overseeing 123 operations in the United States and in countries overseas.

In other post-military activities, General Mundy was Chairman of the Marine Corps University Foundation and was also a director of the Schering-Plough Pharmaceutical Corporation and the General Dynamics Corporation. He served on the Board of Advisors to the Comptroller General of the United States and the National Navy League of the United States. He was a former member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

* Deceased