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The Marine Corps University Foundation

Marine Corps War College (MCWAR)

Contact Number (703) 784 - 4545

Marine Corps War College Logo The Marine Corps War College provides an education in the nature of, preparation for, and conduct of war and military operations other than war to a select group of Marines and other Service Lieutenant Colonels / Commanders or selectees. The War College prepares officers to assume senior positions of increasingly complex responsibility associated with the application of maritime expeditionary warfare, Marine Air-Ground Task Force operations, joint and multinational warfare concepts, national military strategy, the elements of national power and national security strategy. Highlights of the curriculum include active learning seminars with prominent guests, frequent trips to national agencies in the Washington, D.C. area and national and international travel to visit unified commanders and staffs to learn more about their areas of responsibility. Students who meet eligibility requirements and complete the program also receive Marine Corps University's Master of Strategic Studies (MSS) degree.

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